Delightful Playful Indiana Wineries and a Great Hiking Venue

Get ready, set, and go!!!   Summer is upon us and the time for some summer travel.  One great weekend getaway is just across the border in Indiana.  The Indy Wine Trail is one great example of wine tasting that is close to home.  There are seven wineries along this trail all within 35 miles of Indianapolis.

Buck Creek Winery is a great location along interstate 74 has the many main stables of wine that everyone thinks of like Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio but have some more fruity wines that are quite delightful like their Grady’s Hard Cider which is made from heirloom Indiana apples.   Easley Winery located in the downtown area of Indianapolis serves playful summery wines like their Sweet Tulip Red and Reggae Sangria which would be great on a hot summer day but also serves several main types of wine like their Cabernet Franc.  Easley Winery also has a winery tour on Saturday and Sunday starting at noon in addition to outdoor music series from May 21 through September 24 on Saturdays from 2 to 5 pm.  New Day Meadery is also located in the downtown Indianapolis area which specialized in honey wines and hard ciders.  Chateau Thomas Winery was the next winery on the trail which is located southwest side of Indianapolis.  This winery is makes some very good fruity wines that are put into jugs with labels that make you think that you are drinking Kentucky moonshine.  Mallow Run Winery is south of Indianapolis out in the country which included a great variety all types of wine including sparkling wine.  At the vineyard it has a large picnic area that also provides a free picnic concert series from May through September and serves different types of food for a cost.  The next winery located on the trail is Cedar creek Winery which is also south of Indianapolis.  This winery has a wide variety of wine but instead of using the normal names for the wine like chardonnay and pinot noir they use playful names lie peach paradise and blue velvet.   Simmons Winery is the last winery on the trail.  This winery is also south of Indianapolis.  They have won several awards for their wines and is well known for their Rhubarb wine.  They have a farm market open during the summer with fresh produce grown right near the winery.  Simmons winery also has a restaurant attached to the tasting room if you would like to have a meal while doing wine tasting.  For more information on the Indy Wine Trail you can go to  In addition to the Indy Wine Trail, there are several other wine trails throughout the state of Indiana with several more being close to the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana border.  The state of Indiana currently has eighty three wineries.  For more information in regards to Indiana wines you can go to

One great area to go hiking it at Brown County State Park which is just over a two hour drive from Cincinnati.  The state park has numerous hiking trails, horseback riding throughout the park. The park also has several campground if you are feeling adventurous, but also has a lodge with as a restaurant as well as cabins.  If you are traveling this way one must travel to the town of Nashville as it is only two miles away from the park and the town is well known for its antique shops, restaurants and bed and breakfasts.  For more information on Brown County State Park go to and for more information on the town of Nashville you can go to