Rock of Ages

Photo Credit Mikki Schaffner

The Carnegie opened their theatre series for the 2016-2017 season with a delightful reminiscent and enchanting view of the 1980’s heavy metal and pop music scene with Rock of Ages. This theatrical performance is base on the ever popular 2012 movie as well as the book by Chris D’Arienzo. Saturday night’s show opened to a packed audience many of which came sporting 80’s attire and hair styles. They got to listen to many musical scores of  80’s artists, Styx, Journey, Boni Jovi, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Steve Perry and Poison.

The story has the Bourbon Bar a local bar and musical entertainment venue for up and coming artists. Many well-known musicians got their start there and many rockers have the  big dream of being that next star launched from there. One popular musician Stacy Jaxx the lead singer of arsenal had his start there. The owner of the bar is Dennis Dupree and his confidant Lonny manage the bar.   Dennis is a stoner of sorts and Lonny is rocker slightly sleazy but intriguing. The bar is struggling and it’s future is unsure. The Club’s situation is  complicated evermore by two German developers Hertz and Franz they want to clean up the Sunset Strip with a new project and end the culture of sex, drugs and rock and roll and create a clean community.

Drew Boley is a bus boy at the club who just wants to live out his fantasy as heavy metal lead singer but just hasn’t got his shot yet. Sherrie is waitress at the bar who Drew got Dennis to hire. She has  a big dream of success and stardom to in Hollywood.  Drew has feelings for Sherrie but they get mixed up in his quest and for his dreams, and the entrance of Stacy Jaxx   causing  his hope of relationship with Sherrie to go into tail spin.

Rock of Ages performers at the Carnegie are very talented some of which I am highlighting:

Kelcey Steele was very convincing as Drew making you want to go grab your guitar and start playing some classic rock tunes.

Ellie Chancellor was enticing and performed the role of Sherrie with skill like she just walk out 80’s sitcom very believable.

Daniel Cooley, and  James Jones as Dennis Dupree and Lonny are  both amusing and highly entertaining in their roles.

Brandon Bentley as the Mayor and  as were character of Ja’Keith was convincing, skillful, and very entertaining.

Heather Hale really was over the top in her role of Regina very passionate.

I highly recommend this show at the Carnegie it is one that will amaze you. More information is available online at: