A Prayer for Owen Meany is a Winning Performance!

A Prayer for Owen Meany opened The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park’s 2016-2017 theatre season. It is an original, inspirational and thought-provoking tale about two young children growing up in the 1950s and 1960s truly refreshing and uplifting. John Wheelwright and Owen Meany. They have a friendship that is tried and tested. They share joy, happiness as well as troubles but always discussing life’s questions related to ethics, religion and personal relationships. Owen looks at the best in those around him. However, challenges any moral deficits he sees in others. Owen is extremely like George Bailey in the movie, “It’s a wonderful Life” Owens’s life has greatly affected so many people in a positive way. Sean Mellott carried out this role of Owen with style and was remarkable delivering just at the right time funny or seriousness.

That story has a host of other characters that make this drama intriguing and fascinating. John Wheelwright is the loyal friend who you would want with you in the trenches or at time of trouble. John is perplexed in his life at many times about relationships, family, and religion. Jeremy Webb was the man with secrets and questions. He was stunning in this role.

Honorable mentions for Lawerence Redmond and Naomi Jacobson as Mr. and Mrs. Meany. I found their character’s meanness and distrain for others and each other as amusing, and delightful.

Tabitha Wheelwright shallowness and vanity is amazing. Gardner Reed was a first class act, as well as Annie Fitzpatrick was with her role of Barb Wiggins.

This play is a winning performance that you will not want to miss.
Ticket information to Prayer for Owen is available through the website: http://www.cincyplay.com