img_3440The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park has done it again with a truly fascinating and original production in the Shelterhouse with Disgraced. Disgraced is timely, intensely emotional and provocative with a dash of humor while exploring and discussing a very important topic. In a cultural of political correctness that we live in America today where everyone is overly sensitive to ethnic, social and racial tensions and don’t want to offend anyone. Disgraced casts that all aside and is real. Issues and actions are not something that is talking points but actually have an effect on real people’s lives.

The storyline is about an upwardly mobile lawyer Amir Kapoor. He is living in upper east side New York enjoying the best life has to offer, and he is on his way to making partner at his firm. His wife Emily is an amazing painter who focuses on patterns in Greek, Roman and Isamic cultural seeking to get her works in the New York galleries and become part of the chic art scene.

Some of their closest friends are Jory a colleague of Amir, who is also seeking a partnership at the firm and her husband Isaac a curator at Whitney Museum. Issac seeks to help Emily promote her progressive works to the right audiences. Everyone is happy until personal objectives, desires, and current events clash with their perfect lifestyles and cognitive dissonance occurs with what they really believe in contrasted to the way they supposed to.

Playwright Ayad Akhtar does a first class job defining characters making them so juicy, rich, and multidimensional and believable in circumstances that surround them.

Barzin Akhaven as Amir is exceptional, world-class in and portraying a man torn between two worlds.

Bethany Jillard as Emily is noteworthy and top-notch in her presentation.

Krystel Lucas as Jory is striking as the ambitious and crafty colleague, she does a superb performance.

Maury Ginsberg as Isaac is distinctive and outstanding.

Theatre goers are going to fall in love with the detail of the story left with a craving for more. It will be a eye-opening experience and is one not to miss. Ticket information is available at http://www.cincyplay.com