img_3522Jitney is a very fascinating production with elements of a dark comedy and a well-played human drama it is being performed at The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. The story is about several unusual men who in regular jobs they would be misfits but in a small independent taxicab company in a decaying inner-city neighborhood they can hold their heads high. They have dreams and hopes and they are the glue that hold the community together.

This odd collection of drivers at the unlicensed taxicab company are all passionate, mavericks who have personality issues that they are struggling with. Becker the owner challenges include with making a living from this service while keeping his drivers from fighting with each other. Meanwhile, his own skeleton in the closet is a son that was in jail for killing a white woman. Youngblood a young ambitious guy who is working 3 jobs to raise enough money to buy a house. Youngblood has cheated on his girlfriend Rena in the past but is now true blue. Turnbo is hot-tempered and has issues with the disrespect of today’s youth. He and Youngblood clash. Fielding is an alcoholic  and has issues managing his money. Doub is veteran who didn’t get any respect in military or now .  Booster is tthe returning prodigal son seeking his father’s attention. Additionally, throw in Shealy a neighborhood bookie who runs his business out from the cab company’s phone and you have a very interesting show.

The cast is exceptional in Jitney . I give high praises Michael Kevin Darnall as Youngblood, Dion Graham as  Turnbo and Shane Taylor as Booster for the intensity, and depth they gave their characters lifting this production to the next level.

More information on Jitney showtimes, and ticketing can be obtained at http://www.cincyplays.com