Here’s the “Skinny” on Sweets (NOT!)


For the next few weeks I’m going to prime you on sugar in all its forms.  We’re going to start with the “dry” – a 5 part series, and head into liquid – a 7 part series.  Let’s start with what you have in your cupboard/on your counter (at least I do – as bad as sugar is for you I want my white granulated sugar in my coffee every morning!!)  Because everything coming out of my kitchen is scratch, I don’t feel so badly about the tablespoon or two of the refined white stuff I have every day, because there are no “hidden” sugars in the other stuff I make.

GRANULATED WHITE SUGAR: refined from either cane or beets, is the most versatile of all sweeteners – with no distinct flavor of its own.  We can substitute other stuff if we like but this most ubiquitous of sugars is a staple in every home, for use in baked goods AND savory cooking – it (as do all sugars) tempers acidity in some foods like tomato sauce, and aids in browning in baked goods like bread.  I just have to add another pic because it’s too good not to.  This is the “love”, folks! 🙂