BLOCK SUGAR! Sweet Sweet Sugar, Dry, Part 4

This stuff is plain weird to me.  Please let me know if you’ve used it.  I’m going to have to find some just to say I’m familiar with it!  Block sugar comes from either the juice of sugar cane or the sap of the palm tree.  The first place I’m going to look is in one of our local Indian markets where it will be called “Jaggery” or “gur”.  If I can’t find it there I’ll head to the taqueria where I’m told it will also be sold under the name “piloncillo”.  The juice is boiled and poured into molds where it hardens and then you pick off a “cube” or “shard” and throw it into your coffee to melt, or rub it over toast.  It can also be used in baking but you have to melt it first with another liquid ingredient.  There’s not much Lula doesn’t know in the food realm but this will be a new experience!!  I LOVE it when I learn while I teach!!