Something Rotten!

Broadway Cincinnati brings to the Aronoff Center another remarkable live performance with Something Rotten! It is going to have you laughing in your seat with this fantastic comedy. The show is outrageously funny and wildly hysterical.

The basic synopsis of the performance is a competition between writers for praise, success, love and adoration in the cultural community. Life is good for some writers such as William Shakespeare. He has praise, hit shows and fans who literally worship his talent. He has his own groupies and of course monetary rewards. Meanwhile, you have other writers who are not doing so well such as Nick and Nigel Bottom. They are struggling for their next meal or how to pay bills. Nick hates Shakespeare, who used to be part of their troupe and his brother Nigel literally worships them. The story gets complicated as Nick turns to a soothsayer for theatrical concepts, and he comes up some very bizarre story ideas. Nigel who is in love with Portia a puritan minister’s daughter wants to do a story from the heart. Meanwhile, Shakespeare sneaks around trying to sabotage the Bottoms and steal scripts.

The opening night during the performance revealed a cast that is incredible and above the mark.

Rob McClure was brilliant and animated. I loved how his eyes glowed with excitement and wonder expressing his character of Nick Bottom’s enthusiasm about his new play Omelet. Adam Pascal as Shakespeare was perfectly ruthless, mischievous, bold, and captivating well played. Josh Grisetti as Nigel the true romantic poet was played with skill, and daring making you believe that there is still good in the world.

The costumes, music and atmosphere will leave you in a joyful and happy mood. Some of my favorites songs in the performance included: Welcome to the Renaissance, I hate Shakespeare, Make a Omelet and To Thine Own Self.

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It is great theatre and one of the best shows of this year.