Excellent Wines for Everyday!

Whether you’re a novice or a wine connoisseur, the goal is to find a good-tasting wine that is affordable and has great character. A wine that you can be served at a dinner party, enjoy with friends, colleagues, or that significant other. The wine that lets you relax and be yourself in the evening after a busy day, while in front of the fireplace, at the beach, maybe reading a book or even enjoying a smoothing bath. The several selections listed are fine choices and will please your senses.

White Wines:  

One choice you can never go wrong with the Saint Michelle wines. This vineyard is located in Columbia Valley in Washington State. The soil is rich and ripe and is excellent in its ability to produce good wines. I highly recommend two of the Rieslings the Chateau Ste Michelle Harvest Select Sweet Riesling and Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling 2011. The Chateau Ste Michelle Harvest Select Sweet Riesling is sweet to the taste buds has a fresh, clean flavor, with light accents of ripe pears and peaches. The Wine Spectator rated it 88 points in quality, excellent choice and good value. This wine is best served with Pork, Fish, Chicken, Duck, Chinese, and Thai Food. The Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling 2011 has a very good flavor with accents of sweet lime and peaches an everyday wine. It has a rating of 90 points by the Wine Enthusiast. This choice is good with poultry, Cajun, smoked fish, Chinese, as well as BBQ. Both wines are very affordable with cost of about $9.00 a bottle.

Another very good white is Condesa Eylo this excellent wine is from the D.O. Rueda province in the center of Spain. The soil in Rueda is a mixture, of clay, sandy topsoil, with high concentration of lime. The region produces very ripe and tasty wines. Condesa Eylo is of yellow color with a fresh smell of white fruits and wild flowers. The taste of this wine has accents of pairs, apples, and varies herbs. This wine is an excellent choice for fish, rice dishes, white meats, and pastas. This is an affordable selection at about $8.00 a bottle.  

Red Wines:  

One of the best red-wine choices you can make is the St. Clement wines. These vineyards are in the fertile soil of the Napa Valley in California, home of many excellent wine varieties. The 2006 St. Clement Oroppas wine has hints of roasted coffee, bittersweet chocolate, dark chocolate, blackberry, cherry, and slight spice accents. This is a choice to be served with lamb, beef, pasta entrees, mildly spicy foods, and pizza. The wine was rated by the wine advocate Robert M. Parker Jr. with 92 points. This excellent selection is priced at about $55 a bottle.

The Rabbit Ridge 3 cluster Syrah is from the Paso Robles area of California. The winery was started by Erich Russell a teacher who learned about creating diverse flavors from a home wine kit that is his story of creating a world-class vineyard. This Syrah is ripe, smooth, with a medium to full body taste. The flavors expressed by it include black cherry, plum, bell pepper, blackberry, clove, and licorice. This selection is a choice to serve with spicy and grilled meats, veggies, stews, and pizza. This wine is valued at about $40 a bottle.  

An excellent Spanish wine the Orin Swift 2011 Location E is Rudy red. The wine in its taste has the hint of ripened stone fruit, warm spice, and hint of oak. The wine is pleasant in taste and full. This wine is good complement when serving spicy meals, lamb chops and grilled food. The wine is a wise choice at about $16.99 a bottle.

An Enchanting Red wine that will draw you in with the smell of cherry, vanilla, and oak is the Chateau De Segries Cotes du Rhone Red 2009. The flavor is rich with essence of raspberry, blackberry, and a spiciness, learns to the dry. It will be a good wine to serve with vegetarian dishes, and lamb entrees. The Wine Library gives it 87 points. It is very affordable in price at approximately $11.98 bottle.  

These wine selections are great options to anyone wine collection and will be valued in taste, quality, price and the level of enjoyment they can bring to you and those you share with. Enjoy these choices and may they bring happiness, and joy.