Waitress the Musical

Broadway Cincinnati at the Aronoff Center has done it once again with a brilliantly funny and amazing hilarious musical that is purely laughed out loud. The Waitress is a great story that is outrageous that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and brighten your mood. It is also interesting how they compare and contrast love and pie. They are both sweet, and make you feel better, cared about filled with a sense of joy and expectation. In addition, both come in many different forms and varieties and each is unique and special.

Waitress centers around Jenna she is a low paid hard worker in a quaint little diner with co-workers Becky and Dawn and her Boss Cal. Becky is vain and abrasive not afraid to speak her mind. Dawn is enthusiastic, hyper, and somewhat awkward when it some social settings and dating. Cal is rough on the edges like a walnut but soft on the inside. Jenna is caring and considerate of feelings of others and spends time getting to know them. She brings out there best. She also has a special talent for making delicious pies that the customers rave about. Jenna has a husband Earl who is alcoholic, abusive to her and would rather be partying and carousing than working a job. Jenna fantasizes about finding a way to start a new life, however, adventures and desires only complicate rather than simplify this decision.

The cast of Waitress is very impressive:

Desi Oakley as Jenna and Bryan Fenkart as Dr. Pomatter with the lighthearted shenanigans I found to be captivating!

Lenne Klingaman as Dawn and Jeremy Morse as Ogie, I thought they were out of this world!

Maeisha McQueen as Nurse Norma’s condescending looks and general attitude that was carried off make this performance a truly memorable show.

This is definitely going to be one of the best shows this season and will entertain and lift your spirits. More information is available at http://www.cincinnatiarts.com