Be Here Now at The Cincinnati Playhouse


Three women embark on a quest of discovering as the meaning in life, love, self, relationships, and success in the story Be Here Now being performed at the Cincinnati Playhouse and the Park. The stage performance for theatergoers will be fascinated by this hilarious, enjoyable and enticing story.

Bari is atheist, loner, and pessimistic one of the trio believes the world is getting worse and there is little hope she has been working on her doctrinal thesis for eight years now.   Luanne is young and has a bubbly personality, shallow, and a God believer thinks she is a holistic healer, filled with expectations of life, love open to new opportunities.  Patty, is older one of the bunch she is mother-like, but cynical however,  is a believer in horoscopes and that they can change your life’s direction.  Luanne and Patty try to get Bari to open up to new adventures, such as Yoga, Zumba, and Men.   Patty has Bari to meet up with Mike a relative of hers on a date. Mike is Hippie-like, and hobbies include searching for garbage to make into homes.

Deborah Zoe Laufer the playwright Be Here Now is not unfamiliar with the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park in 2013 she had the World Premiere of Leveling Up which highly successful having performed 13 productions around the country since then.  The Chicago Stage Standard called it “Smart funny frightening, poignant and, ultimately, despite if the focus on technology very human.”

This story has a great cast that theatre attendees will love they are talented, animated and highly believable hitting the mark on this one.

Eva Kaminsky is Bari in the story.  Eva has been previously the Cincinnati Playhouse in shows  God of Carnage, 1:23 and A Christmas Carol, additionally on Broadway in The Lyons and the nationally in  The Syringa Tree.  In Be Here Now she was witty, driven and captivating to watch. You will love her character.

Emily Kratter is Luanne in this story.  Emily is making a debut at the Cincinnati Playhouse made her character lively, humorous, and exciting. She has been in New York and Regional performances of Dead End, The Groundling and Evening 1910 and The Physicists.

Michele Ragusa is Patty in the show.  Michele is making a debut at the Cincinnati Playhouse also she and it was exceptional her perfect delivery of sarcasm, and bitten humor made the character real and believable. She has been in several Broadway shows including   Young Frankenstein, Urinetown, Ragtime, Titanic, and Class Act.

Torsten Hillhouse is Mike in this stage production, and he is a fantastic actor, playing the character so straight and chilled created a performance that was truly above the mark.

Be Here Now is going to meet your expectations for entertainment the is pleasurable and warm-hearted.  More information on this show is available at