School of Rock

Broadway Cincinnati has never been better with its production of School of Rock, an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical based on the hit 2003 hit movie with Jack Black. This stage performance runs from February 21, 2018, to March 4, 2018, at the Aronoff Center. Patrons of the Arts to this show will experience for outrageous fun, hilarious shenanigans, a captivating and heartwarming story.

The story centers around Dewey Finn an out of work rock singer and guitarist, he doesn’t like rules, wants to live rockstar lifestyle, sleep all day, party all night, lots of money, woman and no responsibilities. However, his goal it is not working out so good he was fired from his last gig and is living in the basement of one of his best friends and former band cohorts Ned. Live for Dewey would seem idea but Ned’s girlfriend is Patty is upset that Dewey is not paying rent and she perceives him to be a bad influence on Ned. Patty bosses Ned around and is controlling him trying she wants him to forget his music and childhood passions and be a grownup. Dewey finds a job to raise some money start paying bills by being a substitute teacher in a private school. However, his obsessions began to erupt as sees this as an opportunity to create a new band using the children there. Everything is working fine for Dewey with his plans until parents, teachers, and Ned’s girlfriend get in the way.

The Cast is remarkable and hits above the mark on all counts:

Rob Colletti as Dewey would have made Jack Black proud on his adaptation of the role. Rob is truly skillful and captivating in this performance.

Lexie Dorsett Sharp was playful and intriguing in her role as Head of the School and Dewey’s girlfriend delightful to watch.

Matt Bittner as Ned was brilliant as he played the role great switching from nerdy and uptight slightly abused friend to a wild & crazy rock groupie.

Emily Borromeo amazing as dominating girlfriend of Ned, controlling and struck up.

However, it was the children School of Rock that stole the show high kudos of praise to:

Phoenix Suman as Zack on guitar, Theodora Silverman as Katie on Bass, Gilberto Moretti-Hamilton as Freddy on Drums and Ava Briglia as Summer the Manager of the Band. They rocked their spirits out and stuck it to the man.

The show will entice and entertain your rebel spirit of youth and rock and roll. More information is available online at