King and I is Amazing!

Patrons of the theatre and the arts are going to be well pleased with Broadway Cincinnati latest presentation as they brought a brilliant and masterful remake of the classic by Rodgers and Hammerstein’s King and I. It opened to a happy and excited audience that packed the theatre on Tuesday night at the Aronoff Center in downtown Cincinnati. There were many aspects of the show that stimulate the senses and were a pure delight to the imagination. The scenery was colorful and exotic making you believe you are of the earlier years of a rising oriental culture striving to challenge the world. The music is romantic and captivating with such tunes as Getting to know you, I whistle a happy time, We kiss in a Shadow, and Shall We dance. The drama and conversation between the characters were fascinating, comical and thought inspiring a pleasure.

The story broken down is as follows the King of Siam feels pressure to display his country to be progressive and modern. He wants to present his royal family as cultured and educated like those in Europe, England or America only then will his kingdom survive and prosper in the modern world. He seeks an English teacher to accomplish this goal. He discovers Anna Leonowens a recently widowed teacher with a young son and pursuits her to come to Siam to teach his children. She is delighted with the deal the King is offering until he doesn’t follow through with is promises to her. Also, conflict arises with the King’s opinion on the woman and there place in society. A sprawling affection or hesitant romance begins forms between them and takes this story unexpected directions.

The cast was talented and took the show to that next level.

Jose Llana truly captured the period and the character of the King of Siam acting like a real royal in himself. The performance was expectational and of high caliber.

Elena Shaddow was a true professional as Anna Leonowens not missing one beat and hitting every mark.

The show runs until April 22 it is a theatre at its best don’t miss this one. You will be entertained and inspired at the same time. More information available at