Avengers Infinity War Movie Review

Avenger fans will be overall disappointed with “Avengers Infinity War.” My question is where I should start? The plot is overwhelming with too many twist and turns, too many characters, and repetitive action and battle scenes. Is it like ‘didn’t we do this several times before’? You might as well be playing a video game. At least it would be interactive and less annoying the movie at 2 and a half hours, is highly dependent on its special effects to the extent that it becomes cheesy and gimmicky. I believe that directors Anthony and Joe Russo think that if you show fans enough shiny things, they’ll come running to the box office with cash and tickets in hand, ready to eat it all up. One young kid in the theater at the end of the movie shouted, “really?” I have to agree.

I will do my best here to explain what this movie’s about should you venture out to see it. Thanos is seeking to capture all the infinity stones so he can have ultimate control of the universe, time, space and reality as we know it, reshaping it into his concept of utopia. The problem with his idea of peace and tranquility is that half of all the living creatures, including man, will have to die. Lots of fan-favorite characters will die in this movie, either getting evaporated right before your eyes or dying in some other horrible fashion.

However, fans shouldn’t worry too much about it. Disney’s not going to close up Marvel’s shop anytime soon as these characters have already grossed them over $11 billion for the original $4 billion investment. Mickey Mouse will keep hearing that most glorious sound of C’HA CHING as wheel barrels filled with money roll all the way to the bank. Expect lots and lots of more Marvel movies to come.

My main point is that the Marvel heroes, and their fans, are being set up for the next movie and making room in the old bank vault.