Psycho Sausage – The Multiple Personalities of Chorizo

Did you know there are two Chorizo’s out there? There’s Spanish, and there’s Mexican. Most recipes won’t tell you which to use – you need to understand the origin of the dish to select accurately.
Spanish Chorizo looks like a pepperoni or summer sausage, because it is dry cured like they are. It is made with Sweet Paprika (there are two types of Paprika as well!!) and can be eaten sliced right from the “stick”. You would use this in Paella, for instance.
Mexican Chorizo, even though it can come in a casing, has the consistency of bulk sausage and contains more fat. It is seasoned more with chiles and vinegar. You need to cook Mexican Chorizo – either in the casing or squeezed out of the casing – just like you would ground beef or bulk sausage.
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