Misery at The Playhouse is Spellbinding!

The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park has exceeded some of their best performances with its current psychological thriller that is guaranteed to have you cringing, captivated, and on the edge of your seat. Misery will take you on an adventure into a very dark world of a love-obsessed fan in the isolated mountains of Colorado. It is often said a writer or artist will suffer for the creative process however writer Paul Sheldon had no idea what was coming his way. This experience would be so painful to his persona that he would forever be changed. The stage production officially opened on September 6; the audience mood was focused and in awe.

The story plot is of Paul Sheldon a writer and his romantic novels about Misery Chastain the leading heroine in his stories. Paul had developed a significant readership. Paul would yearly go to a resort in the mountains of Colorado to find solace, with nature it provides him with an excellent place for him to write. However, this trip was different from the extreme weather there resulting in Paul being in a car wreck. Annie Wilkes, a massive fan of Paul’s Misery books, had been following him since he came to the resort in the hope of seeing him and finding out more about the next book in the Misery series. She finds Paul injured and she takes him to her home to take care of him and get him back to health. Annie, the on the surface, seemed to be a sweet, and caring person however underneath a truly disturbed person was about to come forth.

All of the three performers in the story were great, in timing, character, and deliverance.

Barbara, as Annie Wikies skillfully hooked and mesmerized audiences as she switched from sweet and caring person to a mean and vindictive one.

David Whalen as Paul Sheldon was riveting and fascinating as he portrayed a man that would persevere in a situation that was challenging. Paul performance that was above the mark.

Kenneth Early as Buster was truly convincing and believable knowing something as just usual or not right, and he had to investigate.

Misery was a great show to start the season with, and there are more great shows to follow. More information is available on http://www.cinplay.com