The Roommate

Playful, Delirious, Rambunctious, and funny is what you can be said of The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park’s latest production of The Roommate.  This story by Jen Silverman under the direction of Tracy Bridgden is indeed a fantastic work about new beginnings and starting life over again after relationships fall apart, or life goes off the tracks how you pick yourself back up and explore unique opportunities.  You might make the right choices, and other times you might make the wrong ones, it going to be the good, bad, and ugly; however, you get up everyday feeling alive cause that is what you are.

The two main characters are Sharon a 54-year-old homemaker recently divorced who has one son,  is a designer and  lives in the big city.  Sharon rarely talks to him anymore. She is in a book club but has no close friends.   Her marriage didn’t work and lots of things in her life wasn’t working.  She needed a close friend to help her retake chances and assure her everything was going to work out. Robyn 50-something, a slam poet, was from New York life wanting to escape the mistakes and wrong choices in life she had made.  Robyn’s daughter Amanda had abandoned her for the most part due to Robyn’s habits, addictions, and deceptive lifestyle. Just like Sharon Robyn had no close friends either. She wanted to change her lifestyle and make her daughter proud of her again. Robyn mostly needed a friend who just accepted her.

Margaret Daly is brilliant, and radiant playing Sharon’s role of a middle-aged woman who is giddy, whimsical, innocent and craves adventure or anything that can change her life.

Mary Jo Mecca is gleaming with perfection and polished in her role of Robyn as a the secretive, con artist, and hustler.

This show proves anyone at any time can transform their lives for the better. I would highly recommend to seeing this production is very entertaining and uplifting. More information on performances can be obtained online at