Deep Fried Turkey Tips

Are you considering deep-frying your Thanksgiving turkey this year? While a deep-fried turkey can certainly be juicy and delicious, this cooking process can present fire and safety concerns. However, following a few safety tips and precautions can help avoid a Thanksgiving Day disaster:
• Make sure the turkey is thawed and dry before cooking…Water and oil do not mix!
• Keep the deep-fryer off decks, out of garages, a safe distance from trees, and away from buildings.
• Turkeys smaller than 12 pounds are recommended for deep-frying.
• Place fryer on a level surface and do not move it once in use.
• Once finished, cover and let the oil cool overnight before disposing.
Regardless of how you plan to prepare your Thanksgiving meal, be sure to keep safety in mind. Cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires and a home fire disaster would definitely take away from a happy Thanksgiving celebration!
Reprinted with gratitude from Bryant Hartke Construction. I don’t know how I find ’em.