Sweet Potato or Yam, Ma’am?

Tis the season…and Oh, the drama! Which is it? They are NOT related, and another fun fact, the sweet potato isn’t even related to the potato! First, let’s scientifically (but not TOO scientifically) differentiate:

Sweet Potato: Originated in Central/South America. A relative in the Morning Glory family. Skin a plethora of colors. Flesh a plethora of colors – the lighter the starchier. The bad news is…you can never tell the color of the flesh until after you buy them!

Yam: Originated (and 95% still comes from) Africa/Asia. A member of the Lily family. Mostly soft fleshed. Can grow to over 100 pounds! Sweet Potatoes are frequently mislabeled in the US because African Americans called them Yams as they resembled them. Yams are hard to get in the US. You’d have to go to an international market. You WILL see sweet potatoes labeled as yams in grocery stores. But if you look closely, they are also labeled sweet potatoes, because it’s the law. A wonderful use of sweet potatoes, on the menu now at Lula’s for Lunch…and More! Catering is our Roasted Sweet Potato Salad! You can order as a side with your lunch or entree at http://www.lulasforlunch.com Yummy Yummy!!