Joe Biden is the Man!

Joe Biden seems to be the brightest hope for the Democrats to recapture the White House and the direction of the country. This scrappy 76-year-old from Scranton, Pennsylvania has the experience to lead. He served eight years as Vice President, as well 36 years as a Senator from Delaware. He chaired several committees, ranging from legal matters, foreign policy, and narcotics he is very knowledgable on a variety of issues relevant to the presidency.

He has empathy related to middle-class problems and struggling to raise a family, items such as jobs, healthcare, and trade as well as racial division have been on his radar. The loss of jobs to foreign competition and the influence of automation have resulted in many unions being huge supporters of him knowing their concerns will be addressed. He has been seen as approachable and wants people’s thoughts on issues even if they disagree with his. One of his closest friends was the late Senator John McCain a centrist Republican. It is said they would love to discuss issues and work for hours on end to find common ground.

Joe is one of three Democrats who has the name recognition for challenging the President on a national level the others being Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The weakness of Sanders and Warren is even thou many Americans agree with them on goals such as affordable healthcare and protecting Secure Security and lower the cost of education, Americans are scared of the solutions which they might propose such significant tax increases, and massive tariffs, that may result in job loss instead of growth. Joe is said to demonstrate you can be progressive without being socialist. Forty-five percent of Democrats are self-described as moderate to conservative in Muhlenberg College Poll. Joe Biden is seen as that middle ground that addresses there concerns without going to the extremes and off the cliff.

Additionally, Biden’s numbers are higher among older American with concerns about illegal immigration, drugs, and crime. Biden was strong on criminal offenses in 1994 when he supported the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. It argued harsher sentences for illegal drugs and violent crimes with more police on the street. Biden can go head to head with the President on this issue Sanders and Warren don’t have this strong position to address the issue. Some have perceived they are weak regarding crime.

Biden also has an advantage over all of his rivals in fundraising, in the first 24 hours of his campaign he raised 6.3 million compared to Sander’s political machine raised a little less than 6 million. Biden is in it to win it, and right now he is making all the right moves.