Last Christmas

Last Christmas is destined to become a holiday favorite and classic.  The movie starts Emilia Clarke as Kate a scatter-brainer, compulsive decision-maker, of which many of them are bad.  She has had a string of bad relationships and one-night stands. Her parents worry about her future and what will become of her.

Most movie-goers are very familiar with British born actress Emilia Clarke in the Game of Thrones series where she played a very different role of   Daenerys Targaryen Queen of the Dragons in the hit HBO television show.

Emilia’s co-star is Henry Golding.  He plays Kate’s love interest who is always popping up on his bike to talk to her.  He is not average never uses a cell phone and is very interested in the needs of others. His character is funny, charming and generous. He tries to bring out the best in Kate.

Henry a Malaysian actor and television host. He is also well known to movie-goers in that he starred as Nick Young recently in Crazy Rich Asians as a wealthy and sought after bachelor.

Last Christmas  is kind of like the movie Serendipity there  is young romance, ice skating and its Christmas time, It is funny, witty, and thought provoking there are a few surprise twists and turns, however you will leave with a happy go feeling as you exit the theater.  This movie is four stars all the way.