Love in The Time of Corona Delivery (or Pick Up!)Menu Week 7


Thanks so much to everyone who is helping keep my kitchen open!   Quarantine Quiche continues to be wildly popular, so much so that I’ve ordered recyclable pans and will no longer hound you to get my pans back!  Click this MENU to check out new flavors for next week, and see all other offerings.  If your office or your family needs sustenance, you can’t get it from a safer place. This picture is the inspiration for this week’s Cornbread Casserole  – my hubby found a ridiculously involved recipe and labored all day over it – it was so good I’m replicating it with more protein & veggies to make a complete meal.  I want to thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for giving me something tangible to labor over and get my zen on again this week!!

Don’t forget, it’s only me folks, THESE TWO HANDS along with my 90% isopropyl alcohol, and my bleach…and if you want, my mask, and my gloves too!  If you’re wondering how you can help battle this pandemic, don’t worry – I’m helping for you.  This week, your orders enabled me to help out DCCH Center for Children and Families.  It is a privilege to help support their fine work.

Are you climbing the walls?  I can visit – if it’s nice outside we can have a chat from 10 feet away.  I’ll have a mask on but it will still be my charming personality visiting with you. 🙂  Are you immuno-compromised?  I’m happy to pick up your prescription for you.  Are you in a high risk group and don’t want to risk the grocery?  I can help.  Let me know how I can help.  I’ll do everything I can to be there for you.  With, in, and for love – Lula!

A Note From Chef Lori ; 859-360-0251

I only have a picture of my regular white bean soup – so imagine this loaded with power greens and that’s what’s on this week’s Soup Menu! Click to visit our website!

White Bean Soup