Cincinnati Museum Center New Exhibits

CMC’s 60-foot Galeamopus and fierce Torvosaurus are ready to tower over guests in the Dinosaur Hall and the Queen of the West is anchored along the banks of the Public Landing. Apollo 11 is fueled up in the OMNIMAX® Theater and the mysteries of the Maya are waiting to be revealed in Maya: The Exhibition. CMC is gearing up for reopening and we’ve prepared some new additions for the opening.

The Cincinnati History Museum reopens with two new exhibits – Shaping Our City and You Are Here. Shaping Our City explores how rivers, rails and roads have shaped and defined our region over the centuries. Transportation has both spurred and been spurred by innovation, showcased in the exhibit by vehicles, maps spanning centuries, objects and interactive elements. The exhibit also addresses the complex ways in which transportation has also divided the city and its people. The exhibit was funded by support from Phillip and Whitney Long, Barb Ebel, Hilltop Basic Resources and Hilltop Stone.

You Are Here shares stories of Cincinnati’s people, places, traditions and struggles and the way they combine to define our city. The exhibit is centered on three themes: Living Here, Working Here and Playing Here. Cincinnati’s rich food scene, sports history and vibrant arts and culture shine alongside public-submitted family photos and home videos. The celebration of the Queen City and its people – past, present and future – includes a news desk where guests can read historic news stories, a Cincinnati-themed quiz and a mural studio inspired by and developed with ArtWorks. The exhibit was funded by support from The Jewish Foundation and the H.B., E.W. and F.R. Luther Foundation, Fifth Third Bank and Narley L. Haley, Co-Trustees.

The new exhibits open alongside the expanded Cincinnati in Motion display – featuring more than 1,200 buildings, over 500 vehicles, 18 running locomotives and 2,000 people in an S-scale model of the Queen City spanning 4,000 square feet and a lighting cycle that transitions the city from day to night.

Maya: The Exhibition makes long-awaited US debut

The sophisticated Maya civilization was buried in the heart of the rainforest. CMC is helping bring their innovations and accomplishments to light. Maya: The Exhibition showcases over 300 artifacts from the Maya civilization in the US for the first time. They tell a story of a people who developed a calendar more accurate than any other in the world by studying the stars. A people whose discovery of the number zero opened the door for advanced mathematics. The people who introduced the world to chocolate. Theirs was a civilization of astronomers, mathematicians, inventors and gods.

Maya: The Exhibition reveals how the Maya’s influence continues to impact us today, and how their people live on in the millions who carry on their tradition in language and lineage.

Commemorating 100 years of women’s suffrage

An Unfinished Revolution: Women and the Vote commemorates the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, showcasing the courage and resilience of women who have fought for their right to vote. The exhibition tells a story of years of struggle and sacrifice to secure the vote, and the ongoing fight by some groups for their right to vote. Documents and objects from CMC’s collections, along with interactives and graphics, show the power of the vote, leaving you with a clear impression of why the vote is worth fighting for.

Honoring legendary artist Charley Harper

CMC is also celebrating the art and activism of legendary artist Charley Harper. Harper saw the world around him with empathy and whimsy, revealing it through geometric reduction and imagined similarities between human and wild animals. Each of the 30 paintings featured in Inspired by Nature: The Art and Activism of Charley Harper includes a short story written by Harper himself, demonstrating the whimsy with which he viewed the natural world and the seriousness of the environmental issues facing it. More than an art gallery, the exhibition challenges us to confront alarming issues threatening the Earth and its inhabitants, including global warming, water pollution and habitat destruction.

Inspired by Nature: The Art and Activism of Charley Harper is CMC’s way of honoring Harper, the 2020 John A. Ruthven Medal of Distinction recipient. The award is presented to those personally contributing to the fields of natural history and science and to CMC’s collection and research programs. Like the beauty of nature, Harper’s artwork is all around us – on buildings, mugs, tote bags, postcards and countless home and office walls – and his message is as important as ever today. The award announcement was fittingly made on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.