White Glove Grazing and some Summer Hits from our Menu

Picture with Lemons and FlowersFolks it’s going to be a while before we’re able to socialize like we used to. Just get used to it. That’s NO REASON you can’t enjoy close friends at your house and host a get together without worrying about the food and service. Nor is it a reason for your board meeting to have to be by ZOOM (or whatever, think “Kleenex” here). Space yourselves, wear a mask to and from your seat, and let me do the serving with my mask and gloves on! Still a “buffet” but you touch nothing. And nobody, as you well know, touches my food but me so it’ll be handed to you in pristine condition and you can enjoy worry free!!
Though “the boxed lunch” remains “banished”, I am finding creative ways to use compostable boxes for a Charcuterie Party coming up – each box comes with 2 cheese offerings, 2 cured meats, grapes, mixed olives, our homemade Roasted Garlic & Preserved Lemon Hummus with our homemade Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crostini. So if this idea interests you it’s now available – give me a shout! It’s not exactly the visual delight you’re seeing before you, but all of the yummyness is there!

Click this MENU to check out Lula’s offerings for pickup or delivery 8/5. We’ve lightened things up a bit in the face of HEAT and HUMIDITY. Our Salmon & Goat Cheese Quiche (pic below) is receiving rave reviews, and you can have it gluten free if you want! New on the menu this week is our fantastic chilled Spinach and Rice Salad with our Soy Vinaigrette. You can have as is (crumbled bacon), and you can add Herbed Chicken or Shrimp if you’d like.

With your help Lula’s has been able to nourish our battlefront at St. Elizabeth Hospital, Covington Police Department, Welcome House, DCCH Center for Children and Families, Women’s Crisis Center, Master Provisions, and we will continue to support our first responders and community in any way we can. I could not be more proud of how our region has stepped up in courage and in love. WITH love, Lula!
Salmon and Goat Cheese Quiche
A Note From Chef Lori
lori@Lulasforlunch.com; 859-360-0251
Introducing “White Glove Grazing” – a fun get together with all health and safety measures in place. We’ll wear masks and gloves and keep everything continuously sterilized while you safely enjoy each other’s company – at home or in the office! No more need to fear an office luncheon – we’ll do the serving so all you touch is your own plate. I’m too much of a computer idiot to be able to superimpose a mask and gloves on this image but use your imagination! The JOY will still be WITH YOU!!

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