Bali Butterflies coming the Krohn

The Cincinnati Parks Krohn Conservatory 2021 Butterfly Show is current being presented Butterflies of Bali, presented by ScherZinger Pest Control and John A. Schroth Family Charitable Trust. They are celebrating our 25th anniversary of the show! New this year is timed ticketing!

Gaze in wonder as thousands of Butterflies flutter through our tribute to the Indonesian island of Bali. “The Island of 1000 Temples” is known for its mountainous interior full of lush forests, iconic rice paddies, and the clear lakes that complement the gorgeous beaches surrounding the island.

Bali is home to more than 350 different species of butterflies, or kupu kupu in Balinese! On the island, the volcanic mountains, tropical rainforests, coastal beaches, savannah grasslands and deciduous forests are perfect natural environments to support diverse populations of many colorful butterflies.

In our showroom, you will see Monarchs, Blue Morphos and many new species native to Bali, such as Tailed Jays, Common Rose Swallowtails and Leopard Lacewings. Admire the colors and enjoy the beauty of Bali!

The cultural decorations on display were created to illustrate key elements traditional to Bali’s art and culture. You will notice many colorful tassels in the design, a common element of Bali art and religious artifacts. You will also enjoy the sights and smells of the gorgeous blooms scattered throughout the showroom as our butterflies float from leaf to petal.