Eating Out Doesn’t Mean Abandoning Diet or Healthy Choices

We all enjoy spending time with family and friends and going out for a meal to socialize and have fun. However, sometimes these meals are loaded with carbs and fat, adding needless pounds to your weight. You can still enjoy a meal or snack out without the worry of getting out of shape with simple rules and tricks that will help you.


 Burgers are one the most delicious items to enjoy when eating out. There are hundreds of varieties of burgers. Some are spicy, while others are loaded with your favorite vegetables or meat selections and cooked to perfection. However, some rules that can help you not feel guilty are the following: 

  • You might want to avoid any burger that is double this or triples that. It is just pounding on the calories. Also, skip cheese from the burger if you can save you calories. 
  • Maybe you might want to eat half the burger for this meal and save the other half for the next meal. 
  • There is nothing wrong with ordering your favorite burger from the children’s menu. 
  • If there are unique sauces, ask that they be put on the side, so you control the amount. 
  • Additionally, you can skip the bun and eat the vegetables and meat separately. 
  • Skipping French fries or sharing with a friend or family member can reduce calories. 

Mexican food:

Mexican food is tasty and filling, but many of the selections are minefields for those trying to control their weight. You will feel a lot of peer pressure to engage in unhealthy behaviors. 

  • Chimichangas and Burritos with rice, cheeses, and sour cream the fat is everywhere with these selections. 
  • Instead, opt for healthier choices such as tacos or fajitas to control the amount of the side items such as rice instead load up on tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce. The meats tend to be leaner, whether fish, chicken or beef. Additionally, you can use salsa instead of sauces or cheeses. 
  • Eat whole beans instead of refried is a more wise choice.


Everyone loves a good pizza. However, preparation is essential in healthy and wise diet selections. 

Thin crusts are better than thick ones.

Pizza Lovers should load up on vegetables as a great option.

Unload the extra meats that to reduce needless calories.


An excellent selection for dinner either alone or with company

  • Steamed or stir-fried are keywords here.  
  • Steamed vegetables, dumplings, or rice are less fat and taste great. 
  •  One should avoid Fried or breaded items. 
  • Choice low-sodium soy sauce, vinegar, or ginger dipping sauce to add extra flavor.


  • Similar rules as with Chinese steamed, stir-fried, and brown rice are good. 
  • Tuna, salmon, veggie, or shrimp roll are keywords. 
  • Harmful items are deep-fried or breaded. 


  • Go for whole-grain bread Naan. 
  • Tandoori chicken or seafood is a baked and healthier selection instead of deep-fried items such as samosa, dishes prepared in heavy creams, or butter such as dal makhana or tikka masala.
  • Portion control rice with meals no more than fist full size. 

Items on the Go: 

  • Yogurts, whole-grain bars, trail mix, fruit or string cheese are great for snacks
  • Avoid Hot dogs, chips, and cookies.

These are just some ideas for eating out and socializing without the guilt of unwanted calories. Remember to take care of yourself first to help others succeed too with their goals.