Finally, Hollywood has created a true jewel and a reason to return to the theaters. The recently released Movie Plane is the reason to celebrate. This adrenaline-packed movie will leave you on the edge of your seat with intense drama and action sequences that would put any Fast and Furious film to shame. You will be captivated as you wonder how each scene will play out. 

The story is of TrailBlazer airlines, one of their commercial airplanes that had significant damages when it passed through a severe storm. The plane is forced to crash land in the remote area of the Philippines called Jolo. A region occupied by anti-government extremists and militias. Foreigners who wander into this territory are usually tortured, killed, or ransomed. The fear is the crew and passengers may need to be rescued or, if captured, may need to be liberated by payment or force. The airline owner Hampton played by Paul Ben-Victor, is always trying to maintain the profit line and avoid litigation and harmful media exposure. He hires former special forces officer Scarsdale played by actor Tony Goldwyn. Scarsdale is a no-nonsense get the job done type of guy. He hires only the best of the best fighters and specialists for his missions.   

Gerald Butler plays Pilot Brodie Torrance, and his job is to keep his passengers and crew safe. He can be strong-willed and combative and will do what it takes to accomplish the job. Nevertheless, he has a lot of common sense and resourcefulness and doesn’t follow the rules if they don’t make sense. Mike Colter, as Louis Gaspare, a passenger being extradited on charges of homicide, claims innocence and is just being in the wrong place and at the wrong time. He is a former military man and is good with a gun. He will team up with Brodie to keep everyone safe and find a way out of this misadventure. They both have a slight distrust but also respect each other. 

There are many rough and rowdy fight scenes, gunfire exchanges, knife action, and explosions that are quick and engaging.

Tony Goldwyn was superb in this role, similar to his cool and calm character in the hit television show Scandal, where he played the President of the United States, handling one crisis after another and managing different personalities with their agenda. In the 1990 movie Ghost, Tony co-starred Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.  Patrick Swayze’s character was Banker Sam Wheat, and Demi Moore played Sam’s girlfriend, Molly. Tony played the best friend and co-worker Carl Brunner. Sam was killed by a mugger who tried to steal his wallet. Carl tries to comfort Molly; however, you discover that he may have had a part in the death of Sam.

Gerald Butler was excellent in his character, who was an outsider of sorts with the airline management. He fought back to be the hero and savior of his crew and passengers. He played a similar role in Olympus has Fallen as a disgraced secret service officer. Butler is four stars actor all the way. Other notable movie parts for Butler included his 2006 role as King Leonidas in 300. His character led 300 Spartans into battle against the Persian God-King Xerxes and his invading army of more than 300,000 soldiers. This film is one of his favorites; he often states it was his breakthrough into the movie industry. In the box office hit in 2010, The Bounty Hunter, Gerald plays the character of Milo Boyd. Milo is a former New York City police detective now turned bounty hunter. A bail bondsman offered a job to Milo to track down and bring back to jail his ex-wife Nicole Hurley who had skipped bail. Nicole, an investigative reporter, had been arrested for assaulting a police officer. He was intrigued and fascinated with the possibility of making $5,000.00 and getting back at his ex. 

The movie is highly entertaining; you don’t want to miss it. I hope to see more movies and shows by these performers.