7 Great Vacation Getaways

 If you are like most of us you like to travel and get away from the daily grid, however the question always is where can I go that will be interesting and exciting. I have listed some locations worth checking into.

1) Cape Cod is a great vacation spot in Massachusetts, areas such as Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are know for beautiful beaches, dunes, hiking, fishing, museums, art galleries and outstanding seafood. The lobster and clams are some of the best around.

2) Bahamas Islands is an ideal for a vacation spot known for crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches. There is many activities from boating, hiking trails, craft markets, and entertainment.

3) San Francisco is favorite west coast vacation place with many tourist areas to explore. Here are some of the special places:

· Fisherman’s wharf best know location of Pier 39 home to Ripley’s Believe or not museum, Fisherman’s whalf wax museum, great Italian, asian and seafood cruise especially know for good oysters. The wharf is also known for live street entertainment.

· Angel Island historical island where over 1 million immigrants passed through to become Americans.

· Alcatraz famous island known for inmates trying to plan escapes.

· Point Reyes National sea shore has goods views of beaches, cliffs, lighthouses, and marshes.

· Chinatown this is the place to go for anything Chinese whether shops, crafts, or food.

· Golden Gate Bridge no visit is complete without a view of this man made structure.

· Napa Valley wine country is only a short drive to the best the vine has to offer.

4) New York City is probably one of the most diverse and entertaining areas in the United states. There are several locations to visit while you are there.

· Central Park

· Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty

· Coney Island amusement park

· Bronco Zoo one of the best zoos in the Nation

· Beaches

· Yankee Stadium for the sport fan in us all

· Broadway for a show

5) Hawaii one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth. Whether it is beaches, with yellow, red, green, or black sands, lava cover lands, volcanoes, or mountains areas with exotic plant life, this is a place to see and experience. Favorite tourist spots and activities are as follows:

· Volcano National Park

· Pearl Harbor

· Whale watching

· Waikiki Beach

· Swimming

· Kayaking

· Fishing

· Hiking

6) North Carolina Islands and the Outbanks are of the most relaxing places to vacation in United States. The dunes, sandy beaches and the ocean are amazing. Places to visit on your trip to North Carolina:

· Wright brothers National Memorial on Kitty Hawk.

· Topsail Island’s Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

· The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

· Pea Island and Wildlife Refugee

· Emerald Isle for biking, dining, and shops

· North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island

7) Dauphin island located in the Gulf of Mexico is a island rich in history and culture. The island has in its history been under the influence of French, English, and Spanish explorers, as well as pirates. The island also was an important military outpost in the civil war. The island has great beach areas, fine seafood and nightlife. Places to visit:

· Fort Gaines

· Estuarium and Public Aquarium

May these locations ideas peak your interest in planning a wonderful trip in the near future that will be rewarding and entertaining.