Kung Food Chu’s AmeriAsia is delightful!

Kung Food Chu’s AmeriAsia located at 521 Madison Ave in Covington Ky. Is an eclectic Chinese restaurant that is a delight for the senses and the taste buds.

There is a warm cozy feel of the as you walk in the restaurant the tables are lined with Chinese’s lanterns and bamboo plants. The magic of the place continues as you notice the pop art and movie posters that line the walls. The large-screen television is centered over the bar always playing a classic cult movie or contemporary one with Asia theme. There is rock or pop music playing to the crowd at the bar as they talk about the topic of the day. The staff makes you feel at home in such as a way you feel like you belong and are supposed to be there. They are friendly and checking in on you to make sure you are enjoying, as well as offer suggestions.

The food is really good some favorites include the General’s Chicken, Hunan Chicken, Kung Pow and the Steamed Dumplings, however, don’t hesitate to try the Cashew Chicken, Crab Rangoon or the Szechuan you will be pleasantly surprised. AmeriAsia also has a nice selection of craft beers and wines to quench your thirst.

I would highly recommend this eating establishment for an experience that is not only memorable, but affordable.

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