The Movie Guy reviews: Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool serves you up a special twist on the concept of superhero. He is not the usual good guy trying to do everything nice and sweet protecting the innocent as well as life, liberty and the American way with flags waving. He not that kind of guy he is more of an anti hero that you want to cheer for and believe in. He starts the movie as Wade Wilson former special forces solider the best of the best. However these days he is a mercenary who will do what he can to make money. He drinks alot, swears, loves raunchy sex and any adrenaline rush. He spends of time in a dive bar with other shady characters which bet on each others death. He meets a escort in that bar by the Name of Vanessa Carlysle (Morenda Baccarin) she is rough, tough, sexy and shares his bizarre look at life. She become his romantic interest and soulmate. However, life throws them a curve when he is diagnosed with terminal cancer and their world together is in crisis with thoughts of his death.

One night at the dive bar a recruiter from a experimental program states he can cure Wade of his cancer the cure and offer him some superhuman abilities. Wade main concern with his life with Vanessa and loss of their relationship takes a toll on him. He enters the program and meets somewhat less then nice people running the program Ajax(Ed Skrein) and Angel Dust(Gina Carana) whose motives are self serving.

The thrush of the movie is Wades quest to get his life back to normal and save his love. The movie is not short on special effects, drama, sarcasm or episodes of dark and lowly humor. If you like the X-men, Watchman or the Avenger series this movie will be right up your alley and will be highly entertained.