Bad Dates at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park finishes this season with a humorous, enticing adventure into the dating scene. Dating can be an exciting time in which allows  you to find about your potential soul mate, common interests, share experiences have a fun time. However, sometimes it can become weird, odd, and even bizarre when you run into deceive or self-involved characters.

Playwright Theresa Rebecks does a superb job in her story Bad Dates as she takes you into the life of Haley(Vivia Font). Haley is a single mother who left Texas where she was married to deadbeat husband and moved to New York for a new life. She has started to work at a restaurant as a waitress. The owner was laundering money and went to jail. Haley is at this moment in time responsible for the restaurant which will leave her with some entertaining situations. Moreover, at the moment she in the dating scene again, she starts meeting some highly unusual individuals.

Vivia Font is amazing she takes you on a fascinating monologue about her dating, job and family life. It will captivate you.

More information on this tale is available at It is a must see show at the Playhouse that will make theatre become real to you.