Cabaret at Aronoff Center

Cabaret at the Aronoff Center presents an amazingly provocative, and captivating contrast of Berlin in the year of 1929-30 with the classic tale of Cabaret.

In one dimension, you will experience life with the creative people the artists, dancers, singers’ writers, small businesses and workers seeking self-expression, love, romance, sexuality, and a selfless concern for your neighbors.

The other dimension involves the rising tide a new powerful political force, Their new perspective brought with it hatred, greed, fear and anti-Semitism.

There is a struggle between these two ideologies as they play out before the audience. This conflict puts great stress on romance with would be American writer Clifford Barnes and performance artist Sally Bowles as well as, between Fraulein Schneider landlord and merchant Herr Schultz.

Cifford Barnes was played by Lee Aaron Rosen who expressed true passion for his role.

Sally Bowles was played by Andrea Goss and she spirited and lively totally enticing the audience.

Fraulein Schneider performed by Shannon Cochan and Herr Schultz performed Mark Nelson represented a sweet elderly couple which was the story behind the story the keep you coming back hoping something was right in the world. However, eventually it crash inward and paradise is lost.

This adult centered drama is highly rewarding production definitely a venue that kicks up theatre to the next level to be not only for entertainment but education. More information on this show is available at: