What ROTS in your Refrigerator?

or…how to NOT waste herbs…

Many of you don’t have the luxury of snipping what you need out of your own herb garden and have to resort to supermarket packages of herbs.  Your recipe might call for a tablespoon of freshly minced basil and then what to do with that pretty full package?  Let me tell you…

Chiffonade it all (it’s not good to “chop” on delicate basil more than once).  If you need help with “chiffonade” email me here .  Keep an extra ice tray on hand for tasks such as this.  Put a teaspoon (or tablespoon or whatever you wish) of your herb into the ice cube pockets, cover them with olive oil, and freeze.  Once they’re hard you can dump them into a freezer bag, label the bag, and have “fresh” herbs for months to come!!  Yay, YOU!  Yay, #lulasforlunch !

Lavendar! '13
Lavendar! ’13