Falcon Theatre Presents: Frankenstein

Falcon Theatre is set to open its 2017-18 season with Frankenstein, a modern reimagining of Mary Shelley’s classic novel by playwright Nick Dear. The production will open September 29 and run through mid-October.

This exciting retelling of Shelley’s story is gripping, compelling and, above all, humane. The story tracks the journey of Victor Frankenstein’s Creature from his first wavering, wobbling steps into a cruel and hostile world. Becoming ever more cognizant of his physical hideousness, the Creature becomes desperate to survive and increasingly vengeful toward his creator. The story races toward its inevitable conclusion when the monster confronts the horror-struck Victor to make a terrifying deal. This deeply disturbing tale examines issues of scientific responsibility and morality, parental neglect, and the nature of good and evil.

This version of the story premiered in London’s West End to both critical and popular acclaim. The Hollywood Reporter hailed it as “a breathtaking mix of intimate drama with spectacular imagery”. The narrative of this play follows Shelley’s original story closer than any of the better-known film adaptations that made Frankenstein’s Creature a popular culture icon for the past eighty years.

Performances will be September 29, 30, October 5, 6, 7, 12, 13 and 14 at 8 PM.


Victor: Luka Ashley Carter
Creature: Olaf Eide
Elizabeth: Victoria Hawley
Female Creature: Jordan Trovillion
Gretel/Clarice: Lisa Dirkes
M. Frankenstein/Gustav/Klaus: Kelly Hale
Ewan/Rab: Aaron Maas
William: Benny Mitchell
DeLacey: Don Volpenhein
Felix: Gregory Mallios
Agatha: Natasha Boeckmann

Director: Paul Morris


All tickets are $22, $15 for students with i.d. On Thursdays, enjoy $5 off every ticket!

For more information, go to falcontheater.net

ADVISORY: Contains mature sexual content and violence