Sooner/Later is Outstanding!

The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park has once again has brought us highly entertaining production with its latest world premiere of Sooner/Later by Playwright Allyson Currin. Sooner/Later is astonishing and mesmerizing as it takes us through the highly introspective path into dating, relationships, and raising children as well as periods of happiness and loneliness as a single person. Life changes as you move through periods of your life from partying and socializing with friends to one were your friends pair up, and you are left behind. Nora is a delightful character that has been caught off guard by these changes. She is assertive, somewhat socially awkward, with domineering persona now explorers this uncharted territory with all its possibilities and probabilities into the modern dating scene and wondering where it will take her. Griff is an equally socially awkward man who is self-absorbed but is amused and fascinated at Nora’s attempt at entering this world. The back and forward play between these characters will win over audiences in this fun cat and mouse game.

Mary Bacon plays Nora in this production. She is real, authentic and embodying the essence making the character fun and captivating.

Todd Cerveris is Griff. He makes the character substantive, and heartfelt. The character demonstrates how relationships genuinely form in real life. It is not the person who always says the right things but sometimes the one who says wrong things at the right moment.

Olivia Cygan as the child Lexie is perfect capturing all aspects of how daughter might act, and it is not always logical, and emotions are sometimes all over the map for many reasons.

Be prepared to be bedazzled by an excellent performance that will exceed your expectations. More information on Sooner/Later is available online at