McK’s Chicks Tacos Out of This World!

The Arts and Entertainment district in Covington, Kentucky has taken off over the last couple of years with such additions as Braxton Brewery a craft beer establishment and the Hotel Covington a boutique hotel with an upscale dining experience. Covington now has added  to it’s unique favor  with McK’s Chicks, an eclectic and hipster barbecue located at 11 West Seventh Street. The menu includes a Spicy Chicken sandwich, Smoked Steak sandwich, BBQ Chicken, Tacos(Chicken, Fish, or Steak) Sliders, Nachos, Load Potato and Potato skins.

The owner Greg McKinstry has a friendly and cheery personality that invites you into his warm and welcoming restaurant. Greg is no stranger to the food scene, he has been involved in one aspect or another since he was fourteen years old. He also has spent time in Las Vegas as a chef before he returned as a  chef at Oceaniare restaurant in downtown Cincinnati for a brief stay. However, Greg is now excited to venture out on his own in this adventure and loving every part of it.