The Holy Grain Grail Part I

There are many grains out there to try; and not all alternatives to wheat are gluten free – here’s a primer on many of them, broken down by gluten free (a must for celiacs) and lower gluten (tolerated by many with gluten allergies) – we’ll discuss Lower Gluten next time.


Millet – high in fiber, mild flavor.

Wild Rice – actually a grass found around fresh water.

Amaranth – A seed and a COMPLETE protein (think filet mignon!)    

Sorghum – highly absorbent for sauces/dressings    

Black/Forbidden Rice-resembles wild rice but cooks more quickly and colors broth/sauce a deep brown-red. One of Lula’s faves!

Oats – watch out that these come from a “Certified GF” mfg.

Quinoa – another COMPLETE protein.      

Teff – 1/100th the size of a kernel of wheat!    

Buckwheat – another of Lula’s faves…try our crepes!  

Corn – try Silver Queen or any sweet white – amazing!


Hope this helps on your next grocery store adventure!  More tips and tidbits like this can be found if you subscribe here.