Award-winning musical comedy begins Nov. 9 in the Rosenthal Shelterhouse Theatre

CINCINNATI – Two pianists’ quest for larger-than-life dreams takes the stage in 2 PIANOS, 4 HANDS, beginning on Nov. 9 in the Rosenthal Shelterhouse Theatre. Audiences are invited to experience the side-splitting musical comedy through Jan. 5, with opening night on Nov. 14.

The show, which has been called “tears-streaming-down-your-face-funny” by the Ottawa Sun, tells the story of playwrights and performers Ted Dykstra and Richard Greenblatt, who shared a childhood dream of growing up to be superstar concert pianists. In the two-person show, we meet semi-autobiographical characters Ted and Richard. In a series of short, rapid-fire scenes, Ted and Richard transform into parents, teachers, coaches and even themselves at various ages. Memories of their music careers come to life onstage, from touching arguments with Richard’s father (who once fancied himself a bit of a pianist as well) to side-splitting glimpses of the characters that helped instruct Ted and Richard at the piano.

At the heart of this production is two men with comedic chemistry telling the story of all our childhood dreams of being a movie star, astronaut, or NFL-quarterback. The musicians bring relatable nostalgia to life as they work to master everything from Bach and Beethoven to Billy Joel.

“Part of what makes 2 PIANOS, 4 HANDS so enduring is that in addition to being incredibly entertaining, audiences see themselves in it whether or not they ever wanted to play the piano,” says Tom Frey, who serves as both director and music director for Playhouse’s production.

2 PIANOS, 4 HANDS has been produced on five continents in over 4,000 productions during its 24-year history. The production inspires audiences to think about their passions and reminds us all not to give up on our dreams.

“As a director, I love to watch the audience take in a play and see what seems to resonate with them,” says Frey. “2 PIANOS, 4 HANDS delivers more moments of connection than almost any play I’ve worked on.”

For more information on 2 PIANOS, 4 HANDS, visit cincyplay.com.


Matthew McGloin (Richard); Jefferson McDonald (Ted)


Tom Frey (Director and Music Director); Steve Lucas (Scenic Designer); James Sale (Lighting Designer); Dale Brown (Casting Director); Brooke Redler (Stage Manager)

To purchase tickets or for more information, call the Playhouse Box Office at 513-421-3888 (toll-free in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana at 800-582-3208) or visit www.cincyplay.com. Call 513-345-2248 for Telecommunications Device for the Deaf accessibility.

Performances will begin at 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays through Thursdays, at 8 p.m. Fridays, 4 and 8 p.m. Saturdays and 2 and 7 p.m. Sundays. Individual tickets start at just $35. Tickets to all 7 p.m. Sunday performances are priced at just $10 for college students with a valid school ID. Student tickets are just $15 on the day of the show for all other performances. Discounted ticket prices for children and teens are available for all productions and are $30 to $50, depending on show and seat location. 2 PIANOS, 4 HANDS is suitable for ages 12 and up.