Fall Projects lead to Spring Rewards!

It is the Fall season, and now is not the time to neglect the lawn care because what you do now will reap positive rewards in the Spring. You want a lawn that is healthy, well taken care of, and represents your identity to the neighborhood. There are several items to keep in mind as you to get ready for the dormant winter.

Weeding is a project that never seems to go away and is a highly demanding task. Weeds reappear every year, strangling out a grassy lawn or your healthy plants. Weed seedlings are in every yard. They thrive where there is bare and fertilized soil. When weeding it is not necessary to go down its root but to mainly remove the top of it, depriving it of light for growth. Tools such as a simple Garden Hoe, or Gardening shears to chop it down to ground level are all that is necessary. Some weeds are persistent, and repeated efforts may be required, as is with Dandelions. Some people try to go down to the root and dig the plant out; however, that causes the weeds seeds to get spread, and may result in more germination and new weeds to take root next season.

Mulching in the Fall is a necessity and is an excellent way to take care of your yard. It keeps your lawn moist and prevents light from entering to feed weed seedlings. It protects your topsoil form from erosion. It insulates plant roots during chilly winter months, which helps keeps soil-enriching earthworms and microbes alive. Some organic mulch may have crickets and other organisms that will feed on the weed seeds.

Fall is also a good time to clear de-clutter your tool shed or lawn shelter. If you are like alot of people, you likely have old or excessive bags of fertilizer, weed and feed, grass seed, or birdseed that is just taking up of space. There may be broken movers, old tools, or trimmers that may not work, these need to be recycled or trashed. These space-saving efforts will add space for useful lawn equipment, tools, chairs, and tables.

The Patio often has leaves and debris that accumulate as we head into the Fall season. A suitable leaf blower, bloom, and gloves can manage to keep this area neat. Additionally, these tools aid in maintaining areas behind Summer grills, smokers, and extra lawn furniture.

Fall planting of bulbs produces a beautiful array of colors in the Spring. There are several selections to choose from; some popular ones are as follows: Crocus, Jonquils, Daffodils, Hyacinth, Tulips, and Irises. There are several growing tips to remember when planting these bulbs. First, remember to mix in few inches of compost into the soil this will make sure the bulbs will get necessary nutrients from the soil. Secondly, dig the hole about 4–6 inches in depth this makes sure the bulb is adequately covered. Third, plant bulbs generously in case some bulbs don’t survive winter. Fourth, make sure that after planting the bulbs to watered and cover them with mulch to protect from the growth of weeds.

These Lawn Care concepts will ensure that your home represents a friendly and well cared for place. You will find that taking care of the lawn and garden can be rewarding and enjoyable task.