We’re Trying Something New for Delivery this Week! Menu #13

Austrian Potato Salad

You’re in luck!  Someone requested my Austrian Potato Salad (really light, think veggie broth and light vinegar) for a party – YES! – a PARTY! – a legal small get together, but a PARTY!)  As you can see, Lula’s incorporates lovely edible flowers into the mix.  Really festive, and it goes great with our Mango Crema, Click on this menu to see your choice of proteins.  When I say Crema – don’t think of heavy cream sauce.  It’s actually only 1/3 dairy – with a “sour creamy tang”.

Click this MENU to check out Lula’s other offerings this week. We’re lightening things up in the face of HEAT and HUMIDITY.  Our Cream of Asparagus Soup is extremely refreshing, especially if you eat it cold.   And our Frittatas and Quiches are so popular I decided to offer a crustless version (which means gluten free!)  of the quiche.    If your office or your family needs sustenance, you can’t get it from a safer place.  I want to thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for giving me something tangible to labor over and get my zen on again this week!!

Don’t forget, it’s only me folks, THESE TWO HANDS along with my 90% isopropyl alcohol, my bleach, my peroxide…and if you want, my mask, and my gloves too!  If you’re wondering how you can help battle this pandemic, don’t worry – I’m helping for you – every time you order a portion of the proceeds goes to Charity – we’re feeding the volunteers at Master Provisions this week (essentially feeding the feeders!).  With, in, and for love – Lula!

A Note From Chef Lori
lori@Lulasforlunch.com ; 859-360-0251

Our LulaTuna Salad is a little different than others-  it’s very savory, not sweet.  No pickle relish here!  Try something new!  Click Menu to see the rest!

Tuna Nicoise

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