Tank Bus Service returns to normal June 20

Starting Saturday, June 20th most TANK Local and Express routes will return to full service.

Not included in the return to service plan at this time are the Southbank Shuttle and the 35X East-West Express.  These routes will resume service at a later date, still to be determined.

“We’re seeing increased demand on most routes and know that people are slowly getting back to work.  It’s the right time to begin the climb back to normal weekday service levels…our customers are asking for their bus,” stated Andrew Aiello, TANK General Manager.  “Operator turnover, combined with being unable to hire, test, license and train new bus operators over the last few months (due to the pandemic) leaves us with fewer employees than are required to return to full service levels.  Until we can return to full employment, the Southbank Shuttle and 35X (serving NKU) will not have service.”

These routes (Southbank Shuttle and 35X) are seeing less demand for service, due to the route purpose.  The Southbank Shuttle primarily serves riverfront hotels, attractions and stadiums with very limited current use and the 35X serves NKU which is currently operating online.

All rides will continue to be fare free in order to continue to allow for passengers to board through rear doors and minimize interaction with the bus operator.  Anyone with a mobility device that requires use of the wheelchair ramp will be able to board through the front door.

COVID-19 Reminders:

Passengers are being asked to:

·         stay home if you’re sick

·         wear a face covering if able

·         make use of all opportunities to spread out on the bus while on board

·         be respectful of the other passengers and maintain distance

·         wash your hands before and after using the bus