Trump’s Resurgence in 2020

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

Donald Trump rallied the troops in 2016 with Make America Great Again slogan and an America First Policy to win the White House. The passion and momentum of his true believers in this 2020 election season are likely to have a repeat performance. Thousands of supporters are rallying today in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to see the President reaffirm his plan for the next four years. The President will speak in the BOK Center that only holds about twenty thousand seats; however, over eight hundred thousand people have registered for the event.  

The President’s plan was evident in 2016. He promised to protect the borders, do better trade deals and create jobs, end U.S. involvement in foreign wars, specifically the Afghanistan and Iraq war, protect the country from dangers abroad while supporting the military, support the police and stop illegal drugs. These are the objectives and goals that have met with success so far. 

  • Replaced NAFTA with USMCA, which adds protections for U.S. Automobile manufacturers and jobs, farmers, and enforcement of environmental regulations.
  • Trump’s withdrawal from Trans-Pacific Partnership, due in part to restrictions it placed on U.S. manufacturers, opening U.S. companies to possible lawsuits while increasing imports and causing job loss.
  • Five million jobs have created in the United States in his first term. 
  • President signed a 2 trillion dollar infrastructure and relief package to protect businesses and individuals as part of the government emergency response to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Trump signed a deal with Afghanistan and the Taliban to end the eighteen-year war then with conditions from the government that AL-Qaeda would not be allowed back in.
  • Trump Administration negotiating with Iraq for the withdraw of U.S. troops there.
  • Trump is removing ten thousand forces in Germany due to a lack of other NATO nations to paying a fair share of the expense.
  • Trump is withdrawing from missile agreements with Iran and Russia due to non-compliance with provisions.
  • Trump’s creation of Space Force to enable the U.S. to respond to newer missiles that could attack the United States from China and Russia. 
  • Dialogue and negotiation continue with North Korea to end the threat of Nuclear War in Asia. 
  • Trump Wall has completed about 110 miles of barriers along the Mexican border, with 192 miles currently under construction of his proposed 500 miles. So there is has been a success but not completed his goal.
  • Trump Administration revitalized Project Safe Neighborhoods to help reduce violent crime in communities all around the country.
  • The Department of Justice charged a record number of violent crime defendants in the fiscal year 2018
  • President has stepped efforts to stop crime and drugs from flooding across our borders.
  • Customs and Border Protection prevented thousands of criminals from entering our communities and seized over 600,000 pounds of illegal drugs at the southern border.
  • Violent crime has dropped by 4.6% since the President took office. 

The President made promises to the American people during his first presidential run. He has accomplished a large portion of his oaths and continues to work toward the completion of those goals. These accomplishments will continue re-energize his base as we get closer to the election and give the American people something to think about, which could lead to them rewarding him with a second term in the White House.