With “the  covid” front and center I’ve been publishing newsletters with menus for the week instead of the “tips and tidbits” from the kitchen I so love to share – so I’m getting back to that – Part 5 of Eco Info!!  BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, which is in ALOT of plastic.  BPA has harmful effects on humans, and containers with BPA that have been exposed to heat can leach toxic plasticizers into foods and beverages.

The production of BPA can also leach chemicals into soil and water, contaminating the crops we grow and the food we eat.  SOOooooo…make SURE any plastic you buy or any food IN plastic that you buy is marked BPA FREE.  Even a water bottle sitting in your car on a warm day can leach BPA into the water.  Another good reason to quit buying disposable bottled water. 🙂  Just my two cents worth!!  Lula LOVES you and doesn’t want you to get sick!!  If you missed installments 1-4 of ECO INFO, click HERE!