Biden vs. Trump Match Up!

The Presidential Conventions have been completed and both the Democratic and Republican Parties believe they have nominated their best person to lead the country into the future. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have very different ideas on how to to get us there. I want to discuss how they differ on issues above the noise and campaign slogans.


Biden has a plan to spend 2 trillion dollars over a four year period on Infrastructure. He has stated it will involve investment in mass transit modernization with money for zero emissions technology. He wants to use smart technology in the construction of sustainable homes. He believes this holds true to his party’s efforts for a more green economy. He will also promote clean energy such as solar, wind, nuclear, and bio-fuels to shift away from fossil fuels.

Trump has expressed he wants for more money on roads, bridges, airports.

Taxes and Wages:

Biden wants to raise taxes on the rich and reverse the Trump’s tax cuts. The rich have to pay their fair share he has stressed. Joe also wants to raise the minimum wage.

Trump is a huge supporter of lowering taxes to stimulus the economy his latest idea is reducing payroll taxes. Opponents state that the payroll tax supports the Social Security Trust Fund and lowering it would weaken this safety net program for elderly and the disabled. Democrats favor instead expanding this program and including some Long term Care aspects to it.


Biden want spend about 700 million dollars on American made products and industrial research to make the U.S. more competitive with foreign companies. Joe is a free trader and is often critical of Trump’s tariffs and trade wars.

Trump’s first term promise was an America First Agenda, he was going to bring the jobs from overseas. He has put pressure on companies such as Apple, and GM stating that they need to create jobs here in the United States. Trump successfully passed a revised NAFTA trade deal with Canada and Mexico to make it more fair to U.S. workers. He also pulled out of TPP with our Asian trade partners stating it would cost domestic jobs. He has favored one on one talks with other countries about free trade agreements. Donald sees trade as a national security issue in his desire not to be dependent on other countries for raw materials. One issue still to be addressed completely by either candidate is the effect of automation, artificial intelligence and re-training in the evolving world trade market.

Policing and Law Enforcement:

Biden has been critical of some of racial tensions that exist in communities and profiling of minorities. He stated that there has been violations of civil liberties and that the police community needs more oversight and reform of immunity laws that shield officers from victims lawsuits. He has called for local police departments to hire a more diverse workforce and train them in building community outreach.

Trump promises is to keep our communities safe. He has been a supporter of police enforcement across the nation, use of federal officers to restore order and end chaos in protest driven cities. Additionally, he is an advocate for strong judges, continuing the drug war and protecting the border with more officers and building the Wall.


Biden favors expanding the Affordable Care Act to include more Americans. He promises 750 billion more in taxpayer funds to revamp and enhance the program. He wants a Medicare like option to compete against private insurance rather than Medicare for All.

Trump wants to repeal and replace ACA and replace with an enhanced HSA program that consumers can buy. However no specific details have been presented. Donald has floated ideas on lowing prescription drugs however details are sketchy and the plan may include some type of price controls or aid for speeding up more generic drugs.

Candidates will have to be more specific as we get closer to the election however it is likely that pocketbook issues will definitely take center stage.