The Peanut Butter Falcon

One of the most delightfully entertaining movies you can stream online or rent through your neighborhood Red Box is The Peanut Butter Falcon. A 2019 film stars Zac Gottsager(Zac), Shia Labeouf(Tyler), Dakota Johnson(Eleanor), and Thomas Hadden Church(Clint).

Zac, a Down Syndrome person, he lives in an assisted living facility because the state doesn’t have the resources for him to live on his own. He is a brilliant individual in many ways and doesn’t belong in that care center. His roommate Carl helps Zac plan several attempts to run away that fail until he finally is successful and becomes a stowaway in a small fishing boat. On this attempt, he meets Tyler, a thief, and fisherman that is in trouble with local crabbers for trying to sell stolen crabs at a local crab store. The crabbers pursued him in a boating chase. Zac and Tyler have a rough start to their friendship as he notices Zac hiding on the boat. However, Tyler is still grieving the loss of his brother, who died. His companionship with Zac helps fill that void, and Tyler becomes like family to him. They begin heading out on the open road. Tyler discovers Zac’s obsession with meeting Salt Water Redneck to learn how to become a great wrestler. Zac had been watching Salt Water Redneck training films for years. Tyler agrees to help him find Salter Water Redneck and accomplish his dream. Additionally, Tyler teaches Zac how to swim and shoot a gun while building his self-esteem.

Eleanor, who is Zac’s social worker, finds Zac and tries to convince him not to do this quest he better off in the facility. Zac states he is not going back. Eleanor follows Tyler and Zac on this adventure. They eventually meet up Clint, aka Salt Water Redneck. Clint was overwhelmed that Zac came a long distance to be trained by him, that that gesture restored his sense of purpose. This story has light humor and heartfelt moments. The Movie is a winner.