The Trump Factor

It has almost been two weeks since the election, and President Trump refuses to concede that he didn’t win. There are still Senate races, and re-counts and legal challenges are going on. The President is holding campaign rallies and is going on tour, stating not to give up the fight that he will be re-elected when all is said and done. The electoral college count has the President coming up short. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is selecting his transition team. So what going on here? Here are my thoughts; it all comes down to what I will call the Trump Factor.

The Trump Team has all along stated that the mail-in ballot system opens the opportunity for fraud. There are also questions of missing ballots, people voting after the election date, and people voting’s IDs. There were a hundred and thirty-two thousand votes in Georgia that were not eligible to be tallied. In Pennsylvania and Michigan, questions as to whether the voting machines correctly recording votes. Additionally, ballots found in postal rooms uncounted and on trucks headed toward Canada.

Meanwhile, in Nevada, there were no observers to over-see a count. Also, why was it taking so long to count the votes in North Carolina and Arizona? These activities lead to suspicion was there something going that was wrong here. People began asking if the election results are legitimate? Did Joe Biden win, or is an attempt to steal the election part of the Deep State activities against for President?

The media said that the President couldn’t win. The liberal establishment said he would lose the election in a landslide; the Senate was going to be flipped, the Democrats were going to make a vast blue tide and expand the House majority. However, the President got over seventy-two million votes. The Senate looks like it will go Republican and the House the majority has a razor-thin majority, and Nancy Pelosi’s leadership is vulnerable. The President continues fighting and fighting, challenging the democrats’ vision for America. He is still promoting his America First agenda, bring the jobs back from overseas, standing for law enforcement, and condemning rioters, and those who tear down monuments, looting our businesses, and threaten seniors.

Even if his re-election bid fails, he is setting the stage for two years, the flipping of the House. In Four Years, Donald Trump might try another bid for White House. If not, the Trump Legacy inheritor, whether Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Vice President Mike Pence, or Donald Trump Jr., might run for the White House. Additionally, he is creating an opportunity for thousands of new candidates, which I will call the Trump warriors, to enter the political arena in races all across the nation. The true believers of his agenda and destiny. The Republican Party overall is standing behind the President because they know that seven million voters for Donald Trump will likely stay together. They, as a result, will have great fundraising and organizing capabilities. It is time to break out the champagne and think of the next race and not be disheartened at this year’s outcomes because it has only begun.