Movie Review: The Right One

One of the best movies of the year is The Right One; it stars Cleopatra Colemen and Nick Thune. It is a light-hearted comedy romance currently being made available on most movie streaming services.

The main storyline is that there are two main characters Godfrey and Sara; Godfrey plays a young man who has suffered because of a childhood loss unable to face the guilt and pain, he creates a host of subpersonalities. One day he might be a college professor, art critic; the next day a salesperson, Rave DJ, or Singing Cowboy, perhaps a ballroom dancer. Each day is different and, with him , another character might arise. The characters helps him recover his youthful joy and distance himself from painful memories.

Godfrey meets a woman called Sara; she is a writer with severe writers’ block. She has no inspiration and no joy. She sees him for the first time in an art gallery. He was a professor, then a critic, and then as a singing cowboy, but he denies that he is the others. He is charming, playful and has a sunshine attitude. He is slowly winning her over, and a relationship starts to develop. The pain of the past slowly creeps in and drama happens it will take Sara’s care and concern to help Godfrey through this time.

Both Nick and Cleopatra have had success in Films and TV. Nick with the Movie Knocked up and Cleopatra on television in the show Last man on earth.

I would recommend this movie it is very entertaining and relaxing and will not disappoint.